South Campground, Zion National Park, UT Review

View facing Hwy 9

Really, we should have enjoyed this campground much more than we actually did. But we arrived in a heat wave (100°+ temps every day), and both of us malfunction in heat.  This was the first time we’ve dry camped in a while, and ironically, the first time we really, really could have have used a plug-in site to run the A/C.  But, provided that you go in weather you can manage, this is a good place to stay.  It’s right next door to Watchman Campground, which I do believe has hookup sites (don’t quote me on it), but that place …read more »

Kaibab Camper Village, Jacob Lake, AZ Review


Kaibob Camper Village was lovely and wooded, and the closest place to stay from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon that has hookups. North Rim is notably less frenetic and filled with tourists than the South Rim, though you also might find the views less dramatic. We called a week before Memorial Day and were surprised to have been able to reserve a spot through the weekend.  The first night, we were supposed to have a water-only site, then move to a full hook-up site when one opened up the next day, but one had opened up before we …read more »

Mellow Day in the Woods Before Moving On Blog


Three-day weekends always make it harder for me to get back in the groove of working.  I can’t say that the four official days of this work-week were my most productive.  But hey, today was Saturday again, so I got to lay off myself for while.  We decided to take a drive down one of the forest roads, but could tell that we were going nowhere, really, except through more trees.  We came back asked the campground hosts where there was to go around here other than the Grand Canyon, and they told us, “Oh everywhere! Take any of the …read more »

A Grand, Quiet Canyon Blog

Dennis looks out from Point Imperial

We arrived in Jacob Lake, Arizona yesterday. We’re staying at the only campground with hook-ups anywhere near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  It’s a nice, wooded campground, and we lucked out in not only getting one of the more spacious sites, but one that backs up against the Kaibob National Forest, so we have a nice view of the woods outside of our dinette window.  It’s so nice to get back out of the desert, even if it’s only for a short time — we’re headed back up to Salt Lake City next, so Dennis can make a …read more »

Shooting Star Drive-In, Escalante, UT Review


Shooting Star Drive-In is a hard one to review as an RV Park. But I’ll start by talking about just that.  Were it just an RV park, I’d’ve probably driven right by it.  When we arrived, the RV “field” (that’s pretty much what it is) was vacant. That sort of thing is usually a sign to me to keep on driving, but I knew what else this place had to offer. Check-in was easy. Mark, the owner, was ready for us, gave us the run-down of the place and lead us to our spot (basically, our choice of any of …read more »

Drive-Ins, Canyons and Childhood Memories Blog

The product of geological layers, temperature extremes and water

We spent the last week at Shooting Star Drive-In in Escalante, Utah.  First, about Escalante:  It’s in the middle of nowhere and everywhere at the same time.  It’s a tiny island of a town surrounded by National Forest land: Dixie, Grand Staircase, Capitol Reef… check out the map—Escalante’s that little red-and-yellow patch in the middle. I’m not sure what I was more excited about — Shooting Star Drive-In, our home for the week or visiting Bryce Canyon. First, about the Drive-In.  That’s what it’s called, and it does, indeed have a drive-in (grab some popcorn at the “Snack Shack” Airstream, pick a vintage convertible to …read more »