We get a lot of the same questions over and over again.  Here are the answers all in one place:

How long are you going to do this?

We made a commitment to a minimum of a year, because there were a great deal of costs and other sacrifices involved in making the choice to do this. So we can’t chicken out before in a short amount of time.  Based on the amount of territory we’ve covered so far, we think we’ll be doing this for at least two years.  We’ll basically be on the road until we decide to stop.

Wow, you must be rich!

No way.  There’s still full-time work going on every business day in the Land Ship.  Kerri is lucky enough to work in a profession that can basically be done from anywhere.

Where are you going next?

We generally don’t plan more than one leg ahead, though we know that there are certain geographical regions we want to be in at certain times (mostly due to seasons/weather).

Where do you go to the bathroom?  Shower? Cook?

Our Airstream is fully self-contained, with a toilet, shower, stove, oven, fridge, queen bed, two TVs, heat and air, etc.  If the campground we’re staying in has decent shower facilities, sometimes we choose to use those, because they’re bigger. But the Land Ship has pretty much everything we need to live a “normal” life.

How do you get electricity?

The Airstream runs independently on two 12-v AGM batteries.  We have three solar panels installed on the roof, which do a great job at keeping the batteries charged if the weather cooperates and we are mindful of power usage.  But most of the time, we’re staying in campgrounds that have power we can plug into.

What’s it like living in such a small space?

It’s easier than we expected.  We thought there’d be some bigger issues while we adapted to the close quarters and pared down collection of “stuff”, but the transition was quite smooth.  If anyone has ever seen the two of us try to share the kitchen in our former townhouse (we would start bickering as soon as we would start sharing that space), you’d be surprised to know (heck we’re surprised to know!) how well we get along in the less than 250 square feet that we occupy now!

How do you get internet?

We have two 3G air cards — one Verizon and one Sprint.  That covers us in most places.  Also, many of the campgrounds that we stay in offer WiFi, though the reliability of that offering is very tenuous.  Since Kerri need internet for her work, we do have to plan our stays based on where internet is available.  Worst case scenario, there is always a Starbucks within driving distance (second-to-worst: there’s a local coffee shop with WiFi and decent coffee with in driving distance).

What did you do with your house?

We no longer own it.  We were ready to move from the Bay Area (California) a while before we packed up, and though we had some good ideas about where we wanted to move to, we’ve discovered that this journey may lead us to the perfect place to settle that we may have never thought of.

What did you do with all of your stuff?

We donated a lot and sold a bunch at garage sales.  All the rest that we didn’t take with us  and couldn’t part with is stuff (literally, ready to fall out when you open the door) into a storage unit.  Living without all that stuff is much easier than we expected.  Living in a small space where it just isn’t possible to acquire more stuff all of the time is liberating.  We find ourselves wanting much less, as obtaining new stuff generally means getting rid of something we already have.