South Campground, Zion National Park, UT


  • 30 Amp : no
  • 50 Amp : no
  • Water : no
  • Sewer : no
  • WiFi : no
  • Cable : no
  • Laundry : no
  • Level Sites : no
  • Store/Supplies : no
  • Pull-Throughs : yes
  • Views : yes
  • Pet-Friendly : yes
  • Other : no

View facing Hwy 9

View facing opposite the highway, into the campground

Really, we should have enjoyed this campground much more than we actually did. But we arrived in a heat wave (100°+ temps every day), and both of us malfunction in heat.  This was the first time we’ve dry camped in a while, and ironically, the first time we really, really could have have used a plug-in site to run the A/C.  But, provided that you go in weather you can manage, this is a good place to stay.  It’s right next door to Watchman Campground, which I do believe has hookup sites (don’t quote me on it), but that place was booked solid for weeks.

Some trees do offer shade from the heat, and a river runs through the back of the campground, so swimming holes are very close by.  The only trail in the park that allows dogs also borders the campground, so in terms of National Parks, this is probably as pet-friendly as you’re going to get.

Our site was not private at all, and we “lucked out” in getting a spot next to a cab-camper that an alarm system that went off every time someone drove by.

Verizon 3G was speedy most of the time, but erratic, it would go from four bars to two bars to four to no-signal with no rhyme or reason.  Sprint was barely hanging on, mostly not hanging on at all.

I wish I could have told you how amazing some of the hikes here were, but really, other than the just-before-sunset walks with the dog, the only thing I can really say it that the milkshakes in Springdale are tasty and cooling.

We need to come back again sometime, because we missed a lot languishing in the heat…

Oh, tip — don’t rely on just your GPS to get you into the park. We intended to drive through Springdale and straight to the campground, but our GPS took us through the East Entrance instead (on the opposite side of the park).  Driving an RV through this side, you have to pay and extra $15 to be “escorted” through a too-small tunnel, after which you go downhill through a series of extreme switchback.  Our umbilical (the power cord that connects the trailer lights/brakes to the truck, for those of you not in the know) is too short and came unplugged on the first switchback, so we had to stop a big line of traffic while I got out and re-connected it, as that hill would have killed our brakes like that that if left unaided by the trailer brakes.

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One Response to South Campground, Zion National Park, UT

  1. Kim
    June 22, 2012 at 2:32 am :

    LOVE your blog. I’ve spent the better part of my evening exploring your pages!

    We love traveling in Utah and have taken our kids on many road trips through all of the parks there. It an be really HOT! We usually use the Desert Pearl in Springdale as our base camp. We’ve dreamed of camping there in our Bambi, but it sounds like summer wouldn’t be the time to do it. Coming from Portland, I think I’d wilt in the 100 degree weather without AC.

    One activity that is great to do in the heat is to hike up the Narrows. Knee to waist deep water keeps you cool :)

    It may have been hot, but your photos of the campground are lovely :)

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