Riverside Oasis Campground, Moab, UT


  • 30 Amp : yes
  • 50 Amp : yes
  • Water : yes
  • Sewer : yes
  • WiFi : yes
  • Cable : yes
  • Laundry : yes
  • Level Sites : no
  • Store/Supplies : yes
  • Pull-Throughs : yes
  • Views : yes
  • Pet-Friendly : yes
  • Other : no

Crowded spaces, but neat — and with trees and grass

Something was going on at this park the entire time we were there that was not at all the campground’s fault, so I’m trying to not let it taint my perception of the campground itself.  There was some serious road construction — reenforcement and resurfacing — happening on the highway this campground borders the entire time we were there. Not only was it loud, but it was amplified by the huge, flat, vertical concave rock wall on the other side of the highway.  And these darn construction workers didn’t stop working until somewhere between 10 and 11 o’clock every night. Don’t they have families?!

Okay, that aside, very nice park for the type of park it is — which is active. There are tent sites in the front, and there was a youth group there.  There are cabins in the back with the burly men with their four-wheelers.  It was a vacation/recreational park — not necessarily a place to hang back and enjoy some desert serenity.  But, hey, the state parks were booked, and this place was super clean, super well-run, and had a very friendly staff.

We were told that the WiFi was down when we checked in, which in RV parks, generally means that it was never really up to begin with, so I wasn’t expecting much, and the Verizon 3G worked okay.  But by bedtime that night, they had it back up and running and it was speedier than most.

There is basically one place where you can walk your dog, which is a burm that semi-circles around the park, and the only way to catch a view of the river, so it’s a rather decent, if not repetitive walk.

Moab proper is only a couple of miles away, and — for a tiny tourist town — there is a good natural foods store with a decent supply of staples, bulk and even fresh produce.

Tall rocks, and hidden below that, loud construction workers

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