Beaver Canyon RV Park & Campground, Beaver, UT


  • 30 Amp : yes
  • 50 Amp : no
  • Water : yes
  • Sewer : yes
  • WiFi : no
  • Cable : no
  • Laundry : yes
  • Level Sites : no
  • Store/Supplies : no
  • Pull-Throughs : no
  • Views : no
  • Pet-Friendly : yes
  • Other : no

Need to get somewhere? Anywhere? Just follow the sign(s)

This has got to me the most interesting place we’ve stayed in so far, character-wise at least. When we checked in, the office, which is sort of a combination garage, workplace and possibly store or pawn shop (? I couldn’t tell if a bunch of the stuff displayed — or strewn around — was for sales or just the owners’)… anyway, the office was empty.  I went through a bunch of open doors and didn’t see anyone, until finally a plump older woman walked in and said, “Has anyone helped you? I’ll go find Dan for you, honey.” She was one of the residents. There are only about 5 spots for travelers, the rest are all permanent spots that I think are mostly taken by seasonal vacationers who actually keep their RVs permanently here, though there are full-time residents, too.  Anyway, the woman let me know that one of the “family” (of people who stay/live here) just passed away of cancer, and once she found Dan, and had him sign a condolence card, we finally got checked in.  Dan is a whitty old guy, very hospitable.

The sites are side-by-side, typical RV park layout, but what makes them unique is that each comes with a covered structure that is something like a rough-hewn two-sided cabin.  Ours not only had a picnic bench, but handmade shelving. Byron enjoyed hanging out in there.  There’s a nice sized rock fire pit too.

Campsite with covered structure

The interesting thing is that each of the permanent guests also appeared to have one of these at some point, but just about every single resident had expanded and customized theirs a completely different way.  Some were enlarged and turned into something akin to a open-air bar, some were enclosed for storage, some were as big as little houses, and a couple were even built all the way over and to the other side of the RV.  All had the same rough-hewn log cabin style and finish, so there must be something equivalent to an HOA for these things.

This isn't the best example, but I felt weird taking pictures of peoples' "residences"

Aside from the interesting structures all around, there were also lots of public structures, including a playground in the same rough style, a “schoolhouse” which had bunk beds with real mattresses in it — kinda creepy, and plenty of shade structures with picnic benches everywhere.

"Fort Beaver" contained a bunch of fire pits and a pit barbecue

Looks like real "Travelers" have been here…

Also onsite is a Mexican Restaurant called “Maria’s Cocina”.  (Maria is Dan’s wife).  This place got rave reviews online.  The atmosphere was great — quirky like everything else — in a cabin with maybe ten tables of varying sizes, and lots of tchotchkes and stuff hangning from the ceiling.  It sort of felt like a Mexican version of the Tiki Room. The food was actually just OK — but the salsa was great.  It’s nice to have it so convenient to where you’re staying, at least.

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  1. Kim
    June 23, 2012 at 8:29 pm :

    This place looks quirky but fun :) Love how you’re rating these campgrounds at the top…especially because I’d like to do this same trip someday soon!

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