What’s Up with Them?

In July of 2011, we packed up and left our adorable, deeply underwater (colloquially, not literally), marina-side town home in the San Francisco Bay area to depart on a journey across the country in our 2008 Airtsream International.  We spent a few months near home in the Bay Area, selling and donating loads of stuff, and putting the rest into storage, then departed on the adventure.  Our only long term plans are that we can’t give up before the year is out.  The way things are going, who knows when we’ll want to quit.

This is not a vacation, and we are not retired.  With today’s technology, jobs are portable. We live, work and travel in our “Land Ship”, named Calypso.

This blog was established in January of 2012, so it’s missing a good chunk of the beginning of our journey.  We’ll be going back through and editing/backdating reviews and highlights.


In 2005, Kerri saw an article in a design blog that featured interior designer Christopher Deam’s modern redesign of Airstream’s International line.  She immediately became smitten, and her dream grew from simply owning an Airstream to living and traveling in one.  Kerri runs her design and development business, Studio Aluminum, out of the Airstream, or anywhere else she feels like working for the day.


There’s an old Chinese proverb that goes something like: “Happy Wife, Happy Life.” And if that means leaving a perfectly good waterfront townhome on San Francisco Bay for the life of an Irish traveler in at 28ft. Airstream, then so be it!

He is just a simple man in love with a complex woman. The simplicity of this man has to be measured in his agreeing to go along on an indefinite odyssey with the complex woman he loves. Why bother with warm fireplaces when a roaring campfire will do? Waking in the middle of the night to answer natures call is definitely better under a canopy of stars rather than a flickering nightlight, right? Right? Oh well, he has certainly done crazier things with less certain outcomes, so why not? He will hitch his wagon to his woman’s dreams and hit the open road with every expectation that something wonderful will come out of this. With her, something wonderful always does!


Byron is a seven-year-old English Spring Spaniel rescue and the love of our lives.  A good walk in the woods or play in the sand, followed by a biscuit, is his idea of heaven.  And he is already enjoying the opportunity to have many new trees to sniff and hikes to lead.


The Land Ship

Home Sweet Home.  Our 2008 Airstream International Signature Series.  For the uninitiated, this is a fully self-contained living apparatus, complete with oven, stove, microwave, bathroom, shower, and queen-sized bed.  Shiny, (almost) weather-proof, and not a huge monstrosity, we can stay nearly anywhere in our Airstream.