Mellow Day in the Woods Before Moving On

Nothing but trees from the rear view

Three-day weekends always make it harder for me to get back in the groove of working.  I can’t say that the four official days of this work-week were my most productive.  But hey, today was Saturday again, so I got to lay off myself for while.  We decided to take a drive down one of the forest roads, but could tell that we were going nowhere, really, except through more trees.  We came back asked the campground hosts where there was to go around here other than the Grand Canyon, and they told us, “Oh everywhere! Take any of the forest roads!”  ”Where do they go?”  ”Oh, this one will take you out to this highway, that one will take you to that highway.” Quite a destination.  So we hung out at the campsite, played some Scrabble, some You Don’t Know Jack on the XBOX, and read a bit.  We’ll try (emphasis on “try”) to make it an early morning tomorrow, so we can get to a campsite in Zion National Park early enough to do a little exploring there.

We’re staying in Jacob Lake, a little less than an hour drive from the Grand Canyon’s North Rim.  A lake — you’d think, “You can always go hang out at the lake.”  Well, here it is:

Our neighbors have ponds bigger than that back in Nevada County (notice it's fenced off too)

This is apparently one of the only water sources up here on the Kaibob Plateu, and it was somehow enough to get early settlers by.  ”It waters more deer than the entire Pacific Ocean,” locals apparently like to say. Now they truck water in for all of us tourists.

Happy, healthy horses. Horseback rides are just across the street.

Oldest existing ranger station in the US

We had plans to barbecue ribs for dinner — well, more than plans. We had started to barbecue ribs for dinner when a camp host came along and had us put out the coals, saying no coals allowed because of the fire danger (there’s a draught).  Well, that’d be all fine, if all of the signs didn’t say, “No open fires. Charcoal in metal containers only.” (which our grill obviously is). Oh well, ribs tomorrow night. I improvised with a black bean and chorizo bake.

This place is swarming with hummingbirds, which took a particular liking to our new bike rack, because of the bright red knobs, which also happen to have deceptive little holes in them that are shaped suspiciously like hummingbird feeders.  My “office” window is a couple feet from the rack, so I got a lot of bird-watching in.  Unfortunately, I never got an “action shot”, and got less visitors each day; they must be wising up.

Hummingbird taking a rest after coming up empty at the bike rack bar

It was nice to be back in the woods, and out of the desert for a spell.  The smells (Ponderosa Pines) reminded me of Nevada County, where I grew up.  Back to the desert tomorrow (though it looks like there are some trees there too)!



2 Responses to Mellow Day in the Woods Before Moving On

  1. Laura Domela
    June 4, 2012 at 5:16 pm :

    Oh this looks lovely…especially in contrast with where we are now (downtown SF). Can’t wait to get the Aistream back out in nature. Funny that I used to be such a city girl…I’ve really changed!

    • Kerri
      June 4, 2012 at 7:56 pm :

      Hah, I saw your photos from the park—I’ve always wondered if that place looked as unpleasant as I thought it would (it does). Nice thing about this lifestyle is you can have a dose of city our country whenever you feel like it!

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