Monthly Archives: June 2012

Roadside Attractions

On Sunday, we drove from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (Jacob Lake, to be exact) in Arizona to Zion National Park.  The nearest place to Jacob lake that could qualify as an actual town, Kanab, was nearly an hour away.  Kanab has everything you need for a grand spankin’ time: Also on this route is  the Roadside tourist stop, Moqui Cave, built into the side of a rock, which purportedly has the largest collection of fluorescent rocks (naturally displayed under black light) in the U.S.   The story goes, too, that the original owner, Garth Chamberlain, had built a giant triceratops  head over …read more »


Mellow Day in the Woods Before Moving On

Three-day weekends always make it harder for me to get back in the groove of working.  I can’t say that the four official days of this work-week were my most productive.  But hey, today was Saturday again, so I got to lay off myself for while.  We decided to take a drive down one of the forest roads, but could tell that we were going nowhere, really, except through more trees.  We came back asked the campground hosts where there was to go around here other than the Grand Canyon, and they told us, “Oh everywhere! Take any of the …read more »