These are the voyages of the tin landship…

Sunset in Malibu, CA

At last, a blog!  I started building this blog before we even took off on this trip, but we’ve been so busy with work, play, exploring, and dealing with the everyday… stuff…  that getting this thing up and running took a back seat.

There’s still a lot more I want to do with it, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right.

For those just coming upon this, we starting traveling full-time in our 2008 27′ Airstream International (a.k.a. “The Land Ship”) in July of 2011.  Well, techinically, we were still in the SF Bay Area, campground-hopping, until October while we settled the affairs of our stick-house life.  Since then, we’ve been up and down the Pacific Coast, and through the Southwest — Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado.  We’re headed toward Moab tomorrow. Check out the map to see everywhere we’ve stayed so far.

We have plenty of stories that have already been written — just not on this blog yet.  We’ve had airplanes crash over our Airstream, traversed roads no Airstream was meant to go, and have seen some beautiful, awe-inspiring and just plain weird things.  Maybe we’ll be able to catch up on all those stories at some point,  but at least now we have a place to start telling stories as we go.

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