Still Rolling! Blog

We’ve been awful with keeping up with this blog, but we’re still on the road and have been for over two years now.  There are a couple items we update frequently if you’d like to follow along: 1) Our Travel Map - We try to keep our route up-to-date 2) Kerri’s Instagram Feed - Follow on instagram, or take a peek at the sidebar for the most recent photos.

Twin Cities and Bemidji, MN Blog

A stop at Big Bass Lake on the Paul Bunyan Trail

Allright. I’m making a feeble attempt to try to keep up with this darn blog now. We’re still having a great time in Minnesota.  Right now we’re in Duluth, on Lake Superior (more on that later), but over the past couple of weeks, we’ve visited the Twin Cities, and a great little state park called Lake Bemidji. Minneapolis was a nice change from being, what felt like, so deep away from any sort of city for so long.  We saw Obama bumper stickers! And there were whole foods and Trader Joes!  We stayed in a KOA in a suburb of …read more »

French Creek RV Park, Custer, SD Review

Friday night barbecue kicks off (half the neighborhood shows up too)

Since I haven’t posted in about three months (and didn’t start this blog until after six months into our trip), I have a lot of catching up to do with campground reviews.  But I wanted to make sure I got this one in.  We picked French Creek RV Park, right in the town of Custer, once we realized we couldn’t get decent 3G in the state park, and after we read some good reviews about it (and the mention of Friday night barbecues!). When we first drove in, we weren’t so sure — it’s a very small park, and sites …read more »

Season Update — Utah, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota Blog

Crazy Horse.  Four Mount Rushmores could fit inside his head (which it still the only part finished).

Wow, it’s been something like three months since we’ve updated the blog!  We’re just not good at this blogging thing.  Between work and play, there’s just not much time left for documenting it.  (By the way, if you’ve got Instagram, we do update that quite frequently. We’re “the_ls_calypso” on there). We just had two days of fall weather, officially after Labor Day.  Time to summarize everything else that has happened since Spring. We spent time in Salt Lake City, where we had some of the best food of the trip so far — not what we expected.  Amazing mole at …read more »

Beaver Canyon RV Park & Campground, Beaver, UT Review

Need to get somewhere? Anywhere? Just follow the sign(s)

This has got to me the most interesting place we’ve stayed in so far, character-wise at least. When we checked in, the office, which is sort of a combination garage, workplace and possibly store or pawn shop (? I couldn’t tell if a bunch of the stuff displayed — or strewn around — was for sales or just the owners’)… anyway, the office was empty.  I went through a bunch of open doors and didn’t see anyone, until finally a plump older woman walked in and said, “Has anyone helped you? I’ll go find Dan for you, honey.” She was one of …read more »

Roadside Attractions Blog

A redneck's mecca

On Sunday, we drove from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (Jacob Lake, to be exact) in Arizona to Zion National Park.  The nearest place to Jacob lake that could qualify as an actual town, Kanab, was nearly an hour away.  Kanab has everything you need for a grand spankin’ time: Also on this route is  the Roadside tourist stop, Moqui Cave, built into the side of a rock, which purportedly has the largest collection of fluorescent rocks (naturally displayed under black light) in the U.S.   The story goes, too, that the original owner, Garth Chamberlain, had built a giant triceratops  head over …read more »